Geoffrey Banks, Ph.D., CEO on What Makes Nuventra Different

Listen in as Dr. Geoffrey Banks, Nuventra’s CEO, discusses Nuventra and what makes our company different.     Hear him explain why we are becoming the go-to resource for pharmacokinetics (PK) / pharmacodynamics (PD) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Podcast – Optimal PK Sampling Schedule

Geoffrey Banks, Ph.D., Nuventra’s CEO discusses the need for an optimal PK sampling schedule in clinical pharmacology studies.

Nuventra is Changing the Paradigm for Delivering PK Consulting Services

<a href=”” rel=”wp-video-lightbox”><img alt=”YouTube” src=”” width=”300″ height=”175″ /></a> Hear how Nuventra is

How to Conduct PK Analysis

How to Conduct PK Analysis:   Learn about Nuventra’s process for conducting Pharmacokinetic Analyses.   After watching this video, you should now have a better understanding on how to conduct PK Analysis. Click Here to learn more about Nuventra’s approach to PK A