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The path to approval is full of pitfalls.
Let Nuventra help you navigate the process.

Our consultants translate complex data into actionable insights across the entire drug development spectrum. With more than 1,000 years of combined experience in pharmaceutical development, we enable our clients to make better strategic decisions and improve their clinical and nonclinical studies. Our specialized focus in PK/PD and clinical pharmacology helps our clients avoid costly missteps and the possibility of regulatory rejection.

“In all of the time I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry I have NEVER worked with an outside group that I felt took as much ownership in the project that the company itself did. You have been the best group to work with and everything you’ve done has been high quality. Thank you for teaching me about modeling and simulation (seriously, you were so patient with my basic questions!) and for being flexible with every crazy timeline I’ve sent over.”

- Director, Clinical Development, Pharma Client

“It was indeed a great pleasure to work with you all on this project. I have never worked with a CRO where everyone was so engaged; it was as though you were not consultants, but employees. Nuventra is my first choice for Pharmacometrics.”

- Vice President, Quantitative Sciences, Pharma Client

“Nuventra's scientists are knowledgeable and technically strong. The project manager managed the timelines and communications very efficiently. We submitted a BLA to the US FDA, which was subsequently approved. During the BLA review, no PK-related questions were raised by the FDA, which is the best testimonial to the high-quality work performed by Nuventra.”

- Associate Director, Biostatistics

“The FDA recently approved our sNDA. This would not have been possible without the outstanding work on the multiple modeling analyses done by your team. We appreciate all the work you have done and turning around the analyses so quickly. THANK YOU!”

- Scientist, Pharma Client

“I wanted to reiterate in writing how much I enjoyed working with you on our project. The quality of the work y’all did was excellent but what really stood out to me was the great communication. That’s often missing in a Sponsor/CRO relationship, but with us it seemed more like we were part of the same company than different ones. I appreciate the effort you put into making that happen.”

- Executive Director, Head of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharma Client

“You can see Nuventra’s work reflected in the label in the dosage and administration section. We really appreciate all of your hard work pulling this together and advising us along the way. We look forward to continued collaboration and hopefully more regulatory approvals in the months and years to come!”

- Senior Vice President, Product Development, Pharma Client

“The unique thing about Nuventra is that they are a one-stop-shop for PK analysis, clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, and scientific writing.”

- Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharma Client

“I have had the pleasure working with Nuventra on two phase 3 studies with PK as one of the key objectives. The best part of working with Nuventra is the comprehensive and high-quality PK analysis support they provide.”

- Associate Director, Biostatistics

“This IND was written quite well and was a pleasure to read. Most interesting and novel.”

- FDA Medical Reviewer in response to a literature-based IND written by Nuventra

“I have enjoyed working with you all these years. We have benefited from your vast and deep experience. Thanks for being a good friend to our initiatives. We will have a few more together.”

- CEO, Pharma Client

“The primary reason why I enjoy working with Nuventra is because of their focus on clinical pharmacology. They are able to manage all aspects of clinical pharmacology projects including protocol writing, data analysis etc.”

- Director of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharma Client

“In terms of quality, Nuventra’s scientists have been very knowledgeable and capable of addressing all of our clinical pharmacology and PK/PD needs in a timely fashion.”

- Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharma Client

“It is truly a pleasure working with the Nuventra Team. They are very collaborative and the team is as flexible as possible to meet all of our timelines and milestones. My experience has been very positive.”

- Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharma Client

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