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Meet Our Team

Nuventra’s executive leadership has constructed a top-level Clinical Pharmacology & PK Group with extensive experience in clinical pharmacology, PK, and pharmacometrics who are able to tackle complex problems. The difference we bring to the table is that our consultants provide hands-on expertise which ensures a high level of support for ongoing development activities. Many of our team members also have cross-functional experience in other drug development disciplines and have worked with numerous small and/or virtual biopharmaceutical companies as well as many mid- and large-sized pharmaceutical companies.

Join Our Team

DanielDaniel L. G. Roy, M.H.A.

Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development

RyanRyan Dackor, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Contracts & Proposals

Mandy Mandy Morgan

Director, Key Accounts

BriannaBrianna Collier

Manager, Human Resources

HeatherHeather Mills, M.A.

Manager, Marketing

RobRobert Royall

Manager, Business Development

Jake Holden

JakeJake Holden

Manager, Business Operations

Kelly Gelinne

KellyKelly Gelinne

Associate Director, Marketing

Tanner Tanner Moltz, M.B.A.

Senior Business Operations Specialist

JohnJohn Dougherty

Specialist, Financial Operations

JulietJuliet Taylor, M.A.

Senior Contracts & Proposals Specialist

Reagan Reagan Brankle

Senior Business Development Specialist

Andrea Andrea Golder

Special Projects Administrator

Ryan Ryan P. McCarthy

Specialist, Business Development

LaurenLauren Webster

Specialist, Marketing & Human Resources

KyleKyle White

Specialist, Business Operations

MichaelMichael Faas

Director, Information Technology

TroyTroy Banks

Manager, Contracts & Proposals

ChrisChris Higgins, Ph.D.

Manager, Contracts & Proposals