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A Smarter Way to do PK/PD Part 1 – Automate Population PK/PD Model Selection

This series of blog posts describes some of the benefits of partnering with Nuventra to meet your PK/PD needs in drug development.

Automate Population PK/PD Model Selection

  • Population PK/PD is becoming an increasingly important part of every drug development program.
  • The single most time consuming and expensive part of popPK is PK/PD model selection.
  • Traditional model selection relies on the forward addition and backward elimination approach.  This method requires manual construction, running, and evaluation of many, many models, which is very time-consuming for Pharmacokineticists skilled in PopPK (called pharmacometricians).
  • Nuventra’s highly skilled team has developed a program, Darwin, that automates the model selection process using a genetic algorithm based approach combined with high-end computing power.

Take home message

Why do something ‘manually’ when a team of senior level Pharmacokineticists have developed a program that can do it better and faster?  Nuventra’s Darwin software for population PK model selection is fast, objective, reproducible, and less expensive compared to manual methods for model selection.  Nuventra is able to test 1000s of models with ‘Darwin’ vs. 100s of models with the manual approach.  We are the only company offering ‘Darwin’ for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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