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A Smarter Way to do PK/PD Part 5 – Generating Optimal PK/PD Data Sets

The first step in generating optimal PK/PD data is not to guess when it comes to determining your sampling schedule. This series of blog posts describes some of the benefits of partnering with Nuventra to meet your PK/PD needs in drug development.

Generating Optimal PK/PD Data Sets

  • While no one sets out to conduct a clinical study that will not meet its objectives, studies commonly fail to meet their objectives or fail to reach their full potential by generating a less than optimal PK/PD data set. This is particularly evident in clinical pharmacology investigations that involve PK/PD analyses. As consultants with a broad background and expertise in clinical pharmacology, Nuventra has observed a number of common pitfalls in the planning, conduct, and analysis of studies with a PK and/or PD component that can result in a sub-optimal data set. These pitfalls can then have a significant impact on future decisions within drug development programs. Obtaining robust PK/PD data sets is our focus at Nuventra by providing intelligent solutions and ideas that can help maximize the potential of clinical pharmacology studies and help close the gap between the desire to have a study meet its objectives and actually meeting those objectives….that’s doing PK smarter.

Take home message

Don’t “guess” your PK/PD sampling schedule for a clinical study.  In just a few hours, Nuventra’s expert Pharmacokineticists will ensure that your PK/PD sampling schedule will allow for a robust PK/PD analysis.

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