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ASCPT Annual Meeting 2021 | Virtual

Join Nuventra at this year’s American Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (ASCPT) Annual Meeting. The meeting will be held virtually from March 8-12 and March 15-17, 2021. Connect with Nuventra virtually via ASCPT’s Partner Pavilion.

Request a meeting with Nuventra’s Chief Scientific Officer and ASCPT’s former president, David Y. Mitchell, Ph.D., during the annual meeting. Dr. Mitchell has more than 28 years of experience in clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics in all phases of development. During the meeting Dr. Mitchell can answer questions and offer his opinions on various clinical pharmacology issues.

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ASCPT attracts clinical pharmacologists, translational scientists, and other scientists in the early phase drug discovery, development, regulatory, and utilization space. The meeting offers a variety of educational sessions, cutting-edge science, and extensive networking opportunities.

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