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Webinar | PK 101 Part 2: Introducing Multiple Dose Pharmacokinetics & Bioavailability

Join us on October 29th for part two of our PK 101 webinar series. Nuventra’s Scott Brantley, PhD, will lead the session titled, “PK 101: Introducing Multiple-Dose Pharmacokinetics & Bioavailability.” Dr. Brantley is Nuventra’s Associate Director of Pharmacokinetics and has over 6 years of experience in clinical and nonclinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacometrics and scientific writing.

Part two of this PK 101 series will cover multiple-dose pharmacokinetics & bioavailability fundamentals including:

  • ADME overview
  • Multiple-dose PK parameters
  • Plotting multiple dose data
  • Bioavailability & bioequivalence
  • Food effect studies
  • And more

Multiple dose studies are one of the earliest studies performed in the clinical development of a drug. They are intended to fully characterize the pharmacokinetics of a drug and its metabolites at steady state. Bioavailability studies should also be conducted early in the drug development process to guide and select formulations for further development. Join this webinar to learn more about the fundamentals of multiple-dose pharmacokinetics & bioavailability in drug development.

The webinar is free of charge. Register for Part 2 Here.
Don’t forget to Register for Part 1 of PK 101 on October 2nd.

Meet the Presenter

Scott Brantley, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Pharmacokinetics

Scott Brantley

Since 2013, Dr. Brantley has developed expertise in Clinical and Non-Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacometrics and Scientific Writing. Dr. Brantley’s focus is mostly in early phase Oncology and Antiviral programs. Dr. Brantley has worked on approximately 6 approved drugs, 3 NDAs, 5 INDs, 60+ PK and Population PK analyses.