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Webinar | Micro-Dosing: Effects of an Investigational Drug on PK of Concomitant Medications

This webinar covers an introduction to micro-dosing, the advantages and disadvantages of micro-dose probe cocktail studies, information on what substrates have been studied to date, and issues to consider when designing a micro-dose probe cocktail study.

At the end of this webinar attendees should have a better understanding of:

  • Differences between a standard probe cocktail study and a micro-dose probe cocktail study
  • Examples of successful micro-dose probe cocktails
  • When a micro-dose probe cocktail study may be appropriate to address drug interaction questions
  • Things to consider when designing a micro-dose probe cocktail study

Meet the Presenter

Virginia (Ginny) Schmith, Ph.D. FCP
Executive Vice President, Pharmacometrics

Dr. Schmith has 30 years of leadership and experience in clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics. Dr. Schmith provides expert consulting in clinical development and pharmacometric strategies for compounds from candidate selection through registration and beyond. Dr. Schmith is an expert in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and modeling and simulation. She has experience is designing and implementing MIDD programs, authoring regulatory documents and manuscripts, participating in regulatory meetings (including Advisory Committees), and evaluating the probability of successful differentiation from competitors.

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