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Webinar | Designing Smarter Clinical Trials with Modeling & Simulation Approaches

This webinar covers modeling and simulation fundamentals, real-world examples, and best practices to implement in your development program. With modeling and simulation, your existing data can be leveraged to provide important insights, design more efficient trials, and used to potentially avoid certain clinical studies, saving money and time.

Recently the FDA and EMA have both included modeling and simulation among their highest priorities to support efficient drug development and facilitate regulatory decision making.

At the end of this webinar attendees should have a better understanding of:

  • Modeling & simulation and population PK fundamentals
  • Pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic modeling strategies across development
  • Using modeling & simulation to avoid clinical trials

Meet the Speakers

Mark Sale, M.D. 
Executive Vice President, Pharmacometrics

Mark Sale who has over 20 years of experience and serves as Nuventra’s Senior Vice President of Pharmacometrics. Dr. Sale has extensive experience conducting complex population PK analyses across diverse therapeutic areas and is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s thought leaders in modeling and simulation.

Lauren R. L. Lohmer, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Clinical Pharmacology

Lauren Lohmer has experience in all stages of development, with specific interest in Pediatric Study Plans, Concentration-QT analyses, and other types of modeling and simulation. Dr Lohmer recently worked on four drugs that received FDA approval in 2018 providing key insights and analysis to ensure that these drugs are safe and effective for patients.

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