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Comparator PK/PD Analysis

How will your drug stand out in the marketplace?

Throughout the drug development process (pre-market), and as you introduce your new drug to the marketplace (post-approval), a comparator PK/PD Analysis can help guide your next steps and frame your messaging. With modeling, simulation and a meta-analysis of clinical data, our team of industry-veteran pharmacometricians can conduct a comparator PK/PD analysis and evaluate a drug’s efficacy, safety, toxicity, and more.

Pre-Market Guidance

Robust sales of approved pharmaceuticals start with intelligent pre-market drug development strategies. PK/PD analyses can help position your drug to:

  • Optimize dosing
  • Reduce time to market
  • Strengthen market position versus competitors
  • Enhance uptake by the medical community
  • and more

Post-Approval Guidance

By the time a drug gets to market, the pressure is on to sell. Imagine being able to hand a physician an evidence-based analysis showing how your drug is better for their patients than your competitor’s drug? Comparator PK/PD Analyses can provide the information you need to be able to do just that.

Investigator-Initiated Studies

Data for your drug is being generated and published from Investigator-Initiated Studies. Our team works with Investigators to ensure that:

  • Studies are designed appropriately to produce robust results
  • Studies are conducted according to all FDA regulations

Questions a Comparator PK/PD Analysis Can Answer

  • What is the optimal dose for patients?
  • How does your drug’s efficacy compare with competitors?
  • How can your drug be used with other medications?
  • How should you position your drug in the marketplace?
  • How does your drug’s safety compare with competitors?

Our team of industry-veteran pharmacometricians can conduct a comparator PK/PD analysis with modeling, simulation and a meta-analysis of your program’s clinical data. Conducting a comparator PK/PD analysis can help guide your next steps in drug development and help frame your messaging for post-approval marketing.

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