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Manuscript Writing

Nuventra takes a team approach to manuscript writing that promotes scientific rigor, clear messaging, and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to understand not only the nuances of a particular study, but also the messages that the client wishes to convey. We also consider how the manuscript will fit into the client’s overall drug development program. Our approach is unique because our team has a deep understanding of clinical pharmacology and the science behind what they’re writing.

Nuventra’s consultants have been primary or contributing authors on over 650 peer-reviewed manuscripts, including many for Nuventra’s clients. Our consultants often have many years of academic and/or industry research experience prior to joining Nuventra, as well as advanced degrees in one or more scientific disciplines. This combination of experience and expert knowledge gives our consulting team an edge when it comes to writing manuscripts for our clients.

Our focus is delivering high-quality manuscripts and ensuring a thorough review of scientific content and writing conventions. Our review process ensures a manuscript that is scientifically defensible, well-written, and meets the specifications of the target journal.

In addition to writing manuscripts, Nuventra also offers review services to meet the needs of our clients. We offer the same expert review as for manuscripts we have written ourselves, and can also assist in formatting decisions, strategies for addressing reviewer comments, or even suggestions for an appropriate target journal.

Our Manuscript Writing Services include:

  •         Full Manuscript Authoring
  •         Ghost Authoring
  •         Literature Searches
  •         Scientific Review
  •         Review for Writing Conventions and Journal Standards
  •         Target Journal Recommendations
  •         Manuscript Revisions

Nuventra has a comprehensive manuscript writing process to maximize your chances for journal acceptance. Whether you have already written a draft of your manuscript, you are starting from scratch, or you are attempting to address deficiencies pointed out by a reviewer, our team can help. 

Contact us today to learn how our scientific writing team can help guide you in each step of the manuscript writing process.

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