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Strategic Advice & Consulting

Horizontal strategic planning across a drug development program can determine logical next steps and rational decision making.  Instead of focusing on a single study, it is critical to consider how that study complements prior data and influences future decisions in a program.

Nuventra approaches strategic advice for your program based on therapeutic class characteristics, individual aspects of the asset (formulation, route of administration, etc.), current FDA expectations, target patient population, and disease indication.

We build in steps to increase the valuation of your asset, de-risk certain characteristics of the asset based on your exit strategy, or address known therapeutic class or indication-specific issues to enhance your negotiation position with investors, partners, board members, and FDA/EMA.

Our pharmacokinetic and clinical pharmacology consultants provide a breadth of experience and depth of drug development knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether your program is just emerging from discovery or is wrapping up clinical studies with sights set on a marketing application, contact us to learn how our experts can help make the next steps in your drug development journey more efficient and more impactful. Nuventra can provide a wide range of strategic planning services, including:

Strategic Planning Services

  • Complete NDA/BLA/ANDA due diligence
  • Full-service NDA/BLA/ANDA support
  • Interpretation of preclinical or early human data as a guide for next steps in clinical pharmacology programs
  • DDI waiver justifications
  • Pediatric study and PREA guidance
  • In vitro/in vivo transporter and DDI study guidance
  • Proactive risk management planning to identify and minimize development challenges
  • Review of clinical pharmacology data/decisions that impact late phase studies
  • Strategic planning for regulatory interactions associated with and without clinical pharmacology data
  • Interpretation of industry guidance documents for individual clinical pharmacology development programs
  • International trial advice and due diligence in support of expanding studies internationally


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